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Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators


Sponsored by US Environmental Protection Agency

Contact:US Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Environmental Education
Attn: Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators
William Jefferson Clinton Bldg. N. Rm. 1426A
1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW MC: 1704A
Washington, DC 20460

Regional office contact information is available at
Description:The Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators recognizes outstanding kindergarten through grade 12 teachers who employ innovative approaches to environmental education and use the environment as a context for learning for their students.

To be eligible for the award, teachers must meet the following requirements: teach kindergarten through grade 12 full time in a public school operated by a local education agency; hold a current teaching license from the state; have a minimum of five years of kindergarten through grade 12 teaching experience, including at least three years of teaching environmental education or an environment-based curriculum; anticipate a classroom teaching assignment involving environmental education for the upcoming school year; be a resident of the United States and its territories; and has not been a recipient of this award in the past five years.

Teachers must have an outstanding record of teaching, as indicated by each of the following factors:
• Innovation: to what extent does the teacher make learning about the environment unique, fun, and exciting, and how are teaching methods tailored to the students?
• Achievement: what positive changes are seen in students’ academic achievement and behavior or attitude as a result of participation in the teacher’s environmental education program?
• Service to the Community and Underserved Populations: to what extent does the teacher inspire the surrounding community, including parents, guardians, and members of the community, to participate in environmental education activities? How does the teacher extend environmental education beyond the classroom? Are the teacher’s students participating beyond the classroom in environmental, conservation, or earth science extracurricular or community based projects and activities?
• Leadership: how does the teacher serve as a model for students and teachers with his or her approaches to teaching about the environment?
• Integration: to what extent does the teacher help integrate environmental education into the broader school curriculum, while integrating his or her curriculum with other core subjects as well?

Electronic applications are preferred; however, if an applicant is unable to submit an application online, a hard copy is accepted. Up to two teachers from each of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 10 regions receive grants. Awardees receive a commemorative plaque and a grant to be used to further the recipients’ professional development in environmental education. In addition, the teachers’ local education agency receives a grant to fund environmental educational activities and programs.
Eligibility:Public, Charter
Award(s):Grants of $2,500 are awarded to the recipient. In addition, grants of $2,500 are awarded to the recipient’s local education agency.
Deadline(s):Applications are due March 1, 2017.
Focus:Environmental Education, Professional Development
Grade Level(s):Adult
Content Area(s): Science
21st Century
Themes and Skills:
Environmental Literacy
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