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Education Grants


Sponsored by The Joyce Foundation

Contact:Stephanie Banchero, Senior Program Officer
The Joyce Foundation
321 N. Clark St. Ste. 1500
Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312.782.2464

Jason Quiara, Program Officer
Phone: 312.782.2464
Description:The Joyce Foundation Education Program makes grants in the areas of education, employment, the environment, and culture. Within the area of education, the foundation supports programs that focus on low-income and minority children, increasing high school completion rates, college preparation, closing the achievement gap, teacher quality and prekindergarten education. Priority is given to prekindergarten through grade 12 initiatives that promise to have an influence on public policies affecting public schools. Geographic focus is Chicago, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The foundation typically funds nonprofit organizations, occasionally funds government initiatives that promise to lead statewide policy change, and national organizations for projects that promise to have a significant impact on public policies in the Great Lakes region. Priorities are: improve federal, state, and district teacher quality policies so that high-need schools in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis can attract and retain first-rate teachers; enhancing early education policies to ensure all children are academically and developmentally ready to succeed when they enter kindergarten; and supporting policies that ensure high school students have a seamless transition from high school to college to career.

Interested applicants must first submit a Letter of Inquiry; selected applicants are then invited to submit a full proposal. The foundation does not directly fund individual schools or school districts, but schools may partner with an eligible partner. Letters must be submitted online.
Eligibility:Other (including homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations)
Award(s):Awards vary.
Deadline(s):Letters of Inquiry are due June 15 and October 11, 2016.
Focus:At Risk, Career and College Readiness, Early Childhood, General Education, Professional Development
Grade Level(s):K-2, 3-5, 9-12, 6-8, PreK
State(s):Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota
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