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GetEdFunding is Created by Educational Professionals, For Educational Professionals

GetEdFunding provides an easy-to-use, relevant, and reliable database, as well as resources for new and seasoned grant seekers. PreK–12 and higher education educators and experienced educational publishing writers/editors research and write entries based on thorough fact checking, alignment with curriculum, copyediting, and clarity.

The Sponsor: CDW-G

As the sponsor of the GetEdFunding website, CDW-G’s mission is to help educators and institutions to uncover the funds they need to supplement shoestring budgets, expand innovative programs, prepare students for the increasingly complex skills they’ll need to participate in tomorrow’s workforce, and help close the equity gap in educating students from all backgrounds and circumstances.

GetEdFunding is A Vetted Database

GetEdFunding is a vetted collection of thousands of relevant and innovative grants and awards. All opportunities ensure the requirement of either accepting unsolicited applications and Letters of Inquiry or initial contact and introductions.

GetEdFunding is Current

The website is built by tapping into a wide range of print and electronic resources, research, communication with program administrators, and converdsations with long-standing contacts. In the case of federal grants, which rely on congressional approval for continued funding, best efforts are made to tie down agencies' likelihood of future funding.

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